This spectacular pool Constructed by Splish Splash Pools and designed by Dean Herald of Rolling Stone Landscapes is set upon this waterfront property on this inner city residence.

The challenge with this pool was the logistics to construct a pool on a waterfront property. The use of cranes or barge was required for the delivery of all construction materials to the entire site.

Elevation changes on this property enabled the use of water on 2 levels of the pool with a water feature on the higher paved seating area set off with bubblers spilling down into the pool below. The natural curve of the pool creates a unique wet edge within the pool flowing over into a holding tank below.

Special finishes for the pool is a tiled internal finish using Ezarri tiles with porcelain surrounds enhancing the sleek surrounding landscapes. The pool itself holds all the top end equipment with Paramount PCC 2000 infloor cleaning, Aquaquip Multi LED lights, Waterco filtration, Solar Heating and all this controlled through Jandy I Aqua-link system intergrating with the house automation.

As you can see design was well planned from the very beginning to take advantage of the beautiful backdrop of an inner city bay.


Pool Photography By: Blue Poppy Photography