Dear Matt and the whole Splish Splash Team,

Being a real estate agent for well over a decade, I get to see my fair share of pools.

Upon stumbling across Splish Splash pools, the one thing we became aligned with was honesty, and quality.

We asked Splish Splash to attend an interview and saw many pools they had completed. Funnily enough, I recognised about 5.

Matt swears I would not have known this particular pool, but for being my best friend’s pool well out of the area in which we reside. One phone call to confirm what our thoughts already were, and we agreed Splish Splash build our pool.

Good communication, and on time, without moving any goal posts was what we wanted, we now have our own designer pool with all the bells and whistles we wanted, simply to be different. Glow in the dark tiles, gas heated, and with rainbow coloured jets!!! Our little bit of bling.

The only problem being, we cannot get our kids out of the thing now.

Accomplished without any hassles and or surprises. We have recommended a further 5 friends and clients to Splish Splash.